Letter from Our President

Dear Valued and Future Clients,

Over the past 25 years in this business, I have learned that nothing is more important than my commitment to providing the best service you will ever experience from any company. I dedicate all the resources of my regional company to reach your janitorial, maintenance and cleaning needs.

I value loyalty and customer service above all else. I can’t promise that everything will be perfect every time, no company can, but I do promise that when we will always make things right. If you need something, you will be able to call me it and will be taken care of immediately.

I believe in developing strong relationships with my clients. You cannot trust your employees and customers environment to just anyone. My involvement with each client ensures that your goals will be understood, and therefore, will be met. We will be partners in the achievement of your goals.

At Overtime Building Maintenance we are absolutely committed to providing superior service and exceptional results. I pledge my personal integrity to you and your business and will strive to make your business a success every day.


Chrisanne Finnerty